Sustainability can be a buzzword in the fashion industry and we don’t claim to solve the world problems. However at Seafizz we believe our actions will make a difference to those around us.


Our suppliers and manufacturers are established companies with strong work ethics and healthy workplace conditions. By partnering with companies sharing our Sustainability standards, we’re proud to say that every of Seafizz swimwear pieces has been ethically made.

Design & Production

Every style and print has gone through a lengthy design process to ensure the final sample is perfect before mass production.

Each cut is tested for perfect fit and comfort during the design process. In production, our styles are made in limited quantities. By doing this, we not only minimize waste but also providing our customers a special piece of swimwear.

The ultimate testament for us is creating high quality and beautiful products that will be loved and last a long time. It’s a road less travelled… but we trust it is more rewarding and satisfying for us and our customers.


Since the start, it’s been our goal to minimize packaging as much as possible.

Our postage bags are 100% biodegradable. We also offer an option to use recycled paper for the product wrapping. That’s a win-win delivery - a great piece of swimwear for you and the rest is Earth-friendly!